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Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology
December 21, 2004

Now, I would like to address a very hot topic. We are way past due to address this topic! We have been receiving a great number of requests regarding many questions from readers about this topic. Our readers, specifically students are seeking more knowledge about these two subjects. They want to learn more about these subjects & the various facts surrounding them. They want to learn, what their teachers do not teach them in schools! Many Iranian Students often hit me with so many questions regarding Race, Ethnicities, Evolution & Anthropology. Now we shall clarify the issue & dig deep into these popular subjects.

Why don't we do some analysis? Lets start with some definitions.


Raciology = Science of studying the races

You will not see this definition or many other definitions of various terms in today's dictionaries & encyclopadias, simply because liberals control the whole industry!

Liberals are trying to deny this science, simply because they do not believe in different races. They believe there is only one race & thats the human race! Any one who disagrees with this statement, will be branded as a racist!

Social Darwinism = To adopt the concept of Evolution & Darwinism in the society & amongst the people who make up the society's fabric.

You will also not be able to find this definition in today's dictionaries!

Allow me to explain myself.

My Thesis

All human beings have equal rights according to social justice & social laws. However, this does not mean that all human beings are geneticallly, physically & mentaly equal! They are all different.

To elaborate on the issue, I shall give you a background lesson on Earth & all creatures existing in this planet. Back to basics of biology to refresh your memory:

Classification of Living Organisms

There are billions of different types of living organisms on earth. To help study them, biologists have devised ways of naming and classifying them according to their similarities and differences.

The system most scientists use to put each living creature into seven groups (or taxons), is organized from most general to most specific. Therefore, each species belongs to a genus, each genus belongs to a family, each family belongs to an order, etc.


From largest to smallest, these groups are:


Lets move on to the:


Kingdoms are huge groups, encompassing millions of organisms each. To date, there are five kingdoms.

In the most widely-used system, there are five kingdoms, containing:

Fungi (mushrooms, mold, yeast, lichen, etc.)
Protista (single celled creatures invisible to bare human eye)
Monera (3 types of bacterias)

Animal Kingdom

Then we have Animals of Vertebrates & Invertebrates:

Vertebrates (Animals with spinal chords & interior skeleton)
Invertebrates (Animals without spinal chords & with exterior skeleton)

Vertebrates such as human & Invertebrates such as Lobster.


The next category is the Phylum. There are several phyla within each kingdom. The phyla start to break the animals (or plants, fungi, etc) into smaller and more recognizable groups. For instance here is the Phyla of Animals:

Phyla of Animals

Protozoa (single cell animals such as sponges)
Cnidaria (jellyfish, hydras, sea anemones, Portuguese man-of-wars, and corals)
Platyhelminthes (flatworms, including planaria, flukes, and tapeworms)
Nematodes (roundworms, including rotifers and nematodes)
Mollusks (snails and slugs, octopuses and squids, oyster and clams)
Annelids (worms, earthworms, leeches, and marine worms)
Echinoderms (sea stars, sea cucumbers, sand dollars, and sea urchins)
Anthropods [crustaceans (crabs, lobsters, barnacles), millipedes, centipedes, arachnids (spiders) and insects]
Chordata (animals with nerve chords - this group includes the vertebrates)


Then we have Sub-Phylums. For instance Phylum of Chordata (animals with nerve chords), divides into:



Species are the smallest groups. A species consists of all the animals of the same type, who are able to breed and produce young of the same kind. For example, while any two great white sharks are in the same species, as are any two monkeys, great whites and monkeys are in different species (since they can't interbreed).

Let me give you an example:


Kingdom: Animalia (includes all animals)
Phylum: Chordata (includes all vertebrate animals, as well as some other more primitive ones)
Class: Mammalia (includes all mammals)
Order: Carnivora (includes carnivorous mammals, from bears to raccoons to harbor seals)
Family: Felidae (includes all cats)
Genus: Panthera (includes the great roaring cats: lions, tigers, jaguars, and leopards)
Species: leo (lions!)

How about a comparison between?


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Sub-Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Mammals
Order: Carnivora
Family: Canidae
Genus: Canis
Species: Dogs



Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Sub-Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Mammals
Order: Primates
Family: Hominids
Genus: Homo
Species: Sapiens

Keep the above classification of dogs & human in mind, & now we expand & elaborate the classifications in to:

Sub-Species (Race Groups)
Sub Sub-Species (Races)

Races are in fact Sub Sub-Species.

Raciology 101

Human Race Groups


Human Races of The White Race Group

Anglo Saxon

Now picture, Nationalities:


Now picture, Tribes:
Aryan Iranians have 3 main tribes:

Persians: South (Pars, etc.)
Parthians: North East (Semnan, Khorasan, etc.)
Medians: North West/Central (Tehran, Markazi, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, etc.)

For Example:

Persians (Aryan Iranians in General) are of Aryan (Race) of the White (Race Group).
English are of Anglo Saxon (Race) of the White (Race Group).
Spaniards are of Latin (Race) of the White (Race Group).
Germans are of Aryan (Race of the White (Race Group).

or For Example, I can make an statement that:

I am a Median, Persian, Aryan, White! Or I can break it & say, I am a:

Median (Tribe)
Persian [Iranian] (Nationality)
Aryan (Race)
White (Group Race)

Do you comprehend the hierarchy & classifications?


Obviously there are no pure breeds (Races); however, there are very close to the pure breeds.

Pure = Absolute 100% characteristic of a certain race.
Mix = Partial characteristics of a various races.

So picture this chart:

100% = Pure
75% = Almost Pure (Known Pure)
50% = Mix
25% = Very Mix

Racial Example

Technically, in Latin America, when we make statements such as:

Blanco = White, means: over 75% White
Indio = Red (American Indian), means: over 75% Red
Negro = Black, means: over 75% Black
Chino = Yellow, means over 75% Yellow (Oriental)
Mestizo = Mix of 50% White + 50% Red (Indio)
Mulato = Mix of 50% White + 50% Black (Negro)
Zambaigo = Mix of 50% White + 50% Yellow (Chino)
Zambo = Mix of 50% Red (Indio) + 50% Black (Negro)
Moreno = Mix in Mix, means 1/3 White + 1/3 Indio + 1/3 Negro

Do you get the idea?

In Iran,

Aryan = over 75% White Aryan
Mix Aryan = 50% Aryan + 50% Other
Mix = 1/3 Aryan + Other (also known as Mix in Mix) [Persian Term = Gunegun]
Non Aryan = Below 1/3 Aryan

For instance:

In Iran, an average,

Gilak (from Gilan) is an Aryan
Azeri is a Mix Aryan (Persian + Turk)
Bandari (from Khuzestan) is a Mix (1/3 Aryan + 1/3 Arab + 1/3 Black)
Kermani is a Mix Aryan [Persian + Indian (Asian Indian)]
Baluchi is a Mix Aryan [Persian + Indian (Asian Indian)]
Southern Arab is a Non Aryan (Hemite)
Southern Black is a Non Aryan (Negro)
Turkmen Oriental is a Non Aryan (Yellow Oriental)
Armenian is an Aryan
Assyrian is a Mix Aryan (Persian + Hemite)
Jewish Iranian is a Non Aryan (Semite)
Golestani (from Golestan or Gorgan) is a Mix Aryan (Persian + Turkmen Yellow)

The distinction between races can be verified via tools & measurments of the hight & length of the forehead, shape of the nose, shape of the cheek bones, form of the lips, shape of the eyes, color of the eyes, skin color, human hight, shape of the human skull, length & hight of the skull, bodily shape, body hair, hair color, etc.

Myth of Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes Aryan!

The original Aryan, specifically Persian Aryan was Brunet Hair, Green or Brown Eyes, Tan or olive skin with Aryan Facial Features. The Myth of Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes Aryan is basically fabricated in the west, specifically in America! Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes Features are of Anglo Saxon Race, not Aryans. Of course certain Aryans & mostly Nordic (Scandinavian) & Germanic Aryans can be of such features, yet this is neither a norm nor a necessity for Aryans to be Blonde Hair, blue Eyed Folks. Just take a look @ the very people who preached the Master Race in Germany! Hitler, Georing, Geobbels, Eichmann, Mengele, Spier, and other Top Nazis were all Brunets with eyes of green, brown & some blue!

Now what is the point to all this?

Existence of The Human Races is a known fact & no one even liberals can deny it! Sub-Species (Race Groups) & Sub Sub-Species (Races) do exist.

Human beings are all equal in rights according to the law of humanity. All human beings have equal rights or @ least they should have equal rights; however, races of human being, all have different characteristics. Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Characteristics. All human races are different. For instance:

Race Groups

* Generally, Yellow Orientals are good @ math, technology, college studies, & that is why majority of honor roll in American Universities are Asians (Yellow East Asians), not to be mistaken with Indo-Chinese (South East Asia). East Asians are light skinned Yellow Races (Koreans, Chinese, Japanese). South East Asians (Indo-Chinese) are Dark Skinned Mix Races (Asian Indian + Yellow), such as Philippinos & Indonesians.

* Generally, Blacks are great in Athletics, Arts (Music/Dance) & so on. As we see, American Football, Basketball, Boxing, etc. is dominated by Blacks & so are many Musical Styles (Rap, Disco, Soul, R&B, Blues, Funk, etc) & dance.

* Generally, Whites are in between Yellows & Blacks. They are academically superior, yet not necessarily in Math! They are good with Athletics, yet not necessarily in combat athletics! And so on.....

However, there are exceptions to the above.

Physical, mental, biological, genetical & other important differences between Race Groups & Races are so obvious that only blind people or liberals are not able to see them!


A Dog is a Dog but only a blind person cannot see the difference between a Doberman & a Poodle!

Doberman => Working Dog (Group)
Poodle => Toy Dog (Group)

A Dog is a Dog but a Doberman is a highly intelligent killer used by military but a Poodle is a toy used by Hollywood Elite!

So are human races! There are differences of characteristics, physical abilities, mental capacities, learning abilities, artistic talents, human interests, bodily features, facial characteristics & other differences between Race Groups (White, Black, Yellow & Red) and then again between different Races of the same Race Group (Anglo, Aryan, Latin). Every single human being is different than the other. All human beings, all race groups & all races have different characteristics & behavioral patherns. Their physical characteristics (body type, facial features, hair, length & width of skull, color of skin, hight, etc) are different & so are their mental abilities & every other aspects of their abilities.

If one cannot see the difference between the races, then they are either blind or a liberal! Liberals have been trying to revise the Science, Evolution & Biology. For instance they have totaly eliminated a complete science of "Raciology" & they fabricated the Science of "Biology" with inputing liberal lies that all human are equal & of one race which is the human race. But then again once a while liberal lies & fabrications of biology & anthroplogy back fires in their fasces! Allow me to give you an example, a recent example that proves we are all different:

BiDil "The Black Pill"!
A Case Study

Heart failure affects 5 million Americans, but blacks are 2½ times more likely to develop it. It happens when the heart is too weak to pump effectively, causing fluid to back up in the lungs and leaving people weak and short of breath. Half die within five years of diagnosis.

Earlier research suggested that standard heart failure drugs called angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors do not work as well in blacks, and that blacks may have lower amounts of nitric oxide, which plays many roles in heart health, in their blood. Two chemicals, isosorbide dinitrate and hydralazine, boost this substance, but administering the right dose is complicated when they are prescribed separately. A Massachusetts biotechnology company, NitroMed, developed a combination pill, BiDil, that gets around this problem, but the FDA refused to license it as a new drug because earlier studies involving mostly white patients who got the chemicals separately showed no benefit!

But there were tantalizing signs that BiDil helped the few blacks in the studies, and NitroMed won a patent to use it just in that minority group. The company then began a study of 1,050 blacks. Half of them got standard heart failure drugs; the other half got those drugs plus BiDil. The study was stopped ahead of schedule last year when doctors saw BiDil clearly was better. After roughly two years' use, only 6.2 percent of the patients who took BiDil died, versus 10.2 percent who got only standard heart failure drugs. That translates to a 43 percent reduction in deaths, said Dr. Anne Taylor of the University of Minnesota, one of the study's leaders. Only 16.4 percent on BiDil required hospitalization for heart failure, versus 24.4 percent of the rest.

BiDil had substantial side effects, 47.5 percent on it had headaches, compared with 19.2 of the others. Dizziness occurred in 29.3 percent on the drug and 12.3 percent on fake pills. But the favorable overall result "virtually ensures FDA approval," because the agency previously told the company that a successful study in blacks would merit it, Dr. M. Gregg Bloche, a Georgetown University lawyer and Johns Hopkins University physician, said in a commentary in the medical journal.

That is "cause for celebration" for blacks, but the company now will have no financial incentive to do a larger trial in whites because its "black-only" patent allows it to sell it that way and keep generic versions from entering the market until 2020, he said. Others worry that the drug may not be the best choice for all blacks but that they will automatically be prescribed "the black pill" solely on the basis of skin color.

Racial Apologists Views (Liberal Lies)!

Being black is not a black-and-white distinction, said Dr. Timothy Gardner of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, who had no role in the study. "Physiologically, it's a sort of continuous variable," including people of mixed races, he said.

Dr. Shamir Mehta, a heart expert from McMaster University in Ontario who has done much research on ethnic differences, said the genetic differences among ethnic groups are so small that the drug should probably help whites, too.


Blacks (generally) due to their diet of very greasy & unhealthy, yet somewhat delicious soul food, are a better candidate for heart attacks & thats a fact. And now there is a drug specifically for Blacks to take care of their hearts! And it does work, more likely & only for Blacks! Isn't this yet another reason to prove that we are all different?!

So as we see, all human beings are different to the point that Blacks, due to their own biological systems can use different drugs & medications & take advantage of their benefits, yet Whites cannot do the same! Why? Because we are all having different biological, physical, mental & behavioral characteristics.

Liberals want to artificially equalize all human beings but one cannot fabricate science because Social Darwinism & Science of Raciology slaps liberal scientists & politicians in the face by scientifically bringing evidence to prove that liberal lies are nothing but fabrications used to brain wash children in schools!

Social Darwinism

Same as the races, the evolutionary level of different human beings are different. This is called Social Darwinism! For instance, what we call Civilization & Civilized Behavior, is different in West Bank & Ghazah Strip amongst Palestinians & then in New York City amongst Anglo Saxons! There are different levels of Evolutionary Progress between the races. On Evolutionary Scale, the Savage Tribes of Central Africa have a different patherns than the Urban citizens of London & so are Rural people of Siberia in Russia! People are different, their evolutionary progress is different, their racial abilities are different & everything about them are different & this is called Social Darwinism & Science of Raciology!

Evolutionary Process of different human beings from different Race Groups or Races were different. No two are the same. To claim "All" are the same, is a simple fabrication & a scientific lie!

We cannot deny these scientific facts, anthropological facts, & social patherns. We cannot fabricate science & teach lies in schools. By teaching the true science, by no means, we are teaching Racism, Biggotry & Segragation! By teaching true sciences, we teach the logical scientific facts of life to our children. Fabrication of science will always backfire in liberal's face, so why not teach the truth?

Like it or not, Social Darwinism & Science of Raciology are true scientific facts.

We shall always seek the scientific ways to avoid falling into the Abyss of ignorance.

"Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!"



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Posted: Fri Jan 28, 2005 10:30 am Post subject: Elaborations on Social Darwinism


Elaborations on Social Darwinism
(I, The Collector)
January 28, 2005 = 2564 Shahanshahi PIY (Persian Imperial Year)

Friends, Fellow Persians, Activists & Comrades:

This issue (Social Darwinism) has nothing to do with the Race, but it has everything to do with the Brains!
Race can be a deciding factor but not the Major Element to decide the nature of a specie!
This is all about the Brain, The Gray Matter.

Allow me to elaborate a bit:


In Iran

Rafsanjani, is an Uber Mensch, because he is single handedly controlling the economy of a nation and pockets the national resources and income of a huge nation in his and his family's pockets!

Rafsanjani is an Uber Mensch, because he has risen from the level of a Fixer Upper, (buying junk houses, fix them up, putting shiite on shingle and then selling them double price) to the level of an Ayatollah, head of Kar Gozaran, head of Moderate Faction of Hizbollah, actual head of Basij Militia and the only person in the administration and hierarchy of Mullahs who knows anything about economy!

I refer you to:

Akbar Shah and 1001 nights at The Cayman Islands
(Middle of the page)
X Diaries: Cayman Islands (Planes, Ships, Ferries & Buses) part 2
[External Link Removed for Guests]

So anyone who can rise himself from the level of a drunken bum in prisons of Shah (he was a certified drunk and hell raiser, not a political prisoner!) to the level of running a country, must be an Uber Mensch.

Shirin Ebadi, with all her education, all her publicity, all her prices, Piss_Nipple (Peace Noble) Price from Norway, etc., is a tool, a pawn that if she plays her cards right, she will become the president of IRI, maybe a Vice President (Masoumeh Ebtekar is giving me the dirty look!), or @ least a Majlis Rep.

Shirin Ebadi, is the Neo Face of the Reforms (Khatami is giving me the dirty look!). She is the new face of Islamic Democracy! She is a pawn who is up there in the spot light to keep the Gav O Guspandan (Cattle) occupied for another 8 years!

Shirin Ebadi is a Mensch. She is the Mensch in the Doll Collection of the Uber Mensch Rafsanjani!

I refer you to:

An Islamic Halloween
[External Link Removed for Guests]

Then you have Gav O Guspandan (The Cattle)! The oodles & oodles of Cattle from 12 years old all the way to 60 years old who willingly went to the Iraqi front and over the mine fields as human mine finders! Presently, they are residing with Allah in heavens sucking on milk & honey and a tity from one of the 72 Houries promised to them!

The Gav O Guspandan, a plenty not to few, are the Unter Mensch! They follow the leader without even knowing what is the leader all about, who is the leader, what does he stands for and why are they following him!? The Unter Mensch is even in a lower level of Evolutionary Scale than the Mensch! At least the Mensch is semi conscience!

Therefore, you have:

Uber Mensch: Rafsanjani
Mensch: Ebadi
Unter Mensch: Guspand-e Basiji

That's the definition of:

Subman (Sub Human)

That was one example for you.

Elaborate on the issue and take a look around you!

* Look @ certain Mojaheds who burn themselves in Paris for Maryam Rajavi to go free out of jail! They burned themselves, some died, some scarred for life and deformed forever, burning in excruciating pain to get Maryam out of jail! Do you believe that they are fully aware of Maryam's nature? Hell no! They follow the leader to heaven & hell with no clue!

* The same goes for the brain dead Monarchists, loaded with Tribal Emotions towards their Sect or Cult to worship Reza Pahlavi, no matter what! Ask them why they worship RP? They hand you gibberish such as he is son of Shah and legal owner of the peacock throne and crown, he is the unifier of all Iranians and symbol of Monarchy, he is a democratic man who must lead Iran but as a ceremonial figure, bla bla bla...........!

I bet with you, they don't even know what the hell are they talking about! Non of them look @ Reza Pahlavi as a regular human being with no qualifications whatsoever to be a leader of a nation! They look @ him as Son of Shah! They want the glory of the past but with a ceremonial monarch as a figure head!

They simply fail to understand that a ceremonial monarch cannot revive the glory of the past! But a Reza Khan as an Absolutist Monarch can!

These Monarchists are often extremely confused people, that's why I call them Shahollahi! They are not Monarchists by the definition, yet they are pro RP & Pahlavi Dynasty no matter what! Even if the next Pahlavi is a Retard, they will kiss his Ass & follow him to the grave!

This is what I mean about the Culture of Captivity, Culture of Hero Worship and even when there are no Heroes, they invent one & name them:

Maryam Rajavi
Reza Pahlavi
Adib Boroumand
Seyed Ali Khamenei

The Mensch loves to Hero Worship. The Unter Mensch follows the leader to the grave!

You see, non of these people: Shahollahi, Hizbollahi, Marxollahi, Mosadeqollahi, etc. work with a full deck! some worship Reza Pahlavi, some Maryam Rajavi, some Mosadeq, some Mansour Hekmat, some Khosrow Roozbeh, some Imam Khamenei, some ..................

Ask them why?
They reply to you with extreme fanatical responses of why do you even have to ask such questions!?
Some of the more advanced species amongst them, reply that so & so,............... a bunch o cheesy false resons as logic but basically Maqlateh Bazi & Safsateh Bazi!

Fanaticism is in the blood of these people and that's why they will be following the leader without a clear mind of knowing why are they doing so!

But sometimes, that leader ends up to be a Benevolent Nationalist who saves a nation, like Reza Khan!

and then again, sometimes that leader is someone who Shiites all over a nation like Khomeini!

With these folks, Its like playing dice and leave things to the chance!

But the public remains a Helpless victim who follows the leader of their own sects forever!

This is the Culture of Captivity. This is the Infected Culture of Arabo_Islamic. This is the Iranian Disease!

The Iranian Disease!
[External Link Removed for Guests]

Actually, sometimes, I am thinking to create yet another level below the Unter Mensch!

Lets call it The:

Amebus Mensch (Single Cell Brain, Spicies of Man)

That would be the dancing fools in Disco Tehran or Club X in search of the highest level of High via Ecstasy, Coke or Hash and getting a piece of nightly meat to bang! Give them a Nun Kabob Kubideh and a Hole to Screw or a Husband to Hitch (depending on male or female!) & they will be happy as a little puppy dog with a brand new bone! Alle Luya!

Hows about some o these Iranian Forum Dwelers in these Bang & Salavat Iranian Forums?! sounds familiar?!

Yes, I might have to go one step beyond Nietzsche and add a fourth level of consciousness to the psychi of the Human Specie!

Simple Mind, Simple Pleasure!

Praise The Lord!

................. Some comrades tell me:

Shoma Yasin be gushe khar mikhanid!
(You are singing Holy Verses to the ears of a Donkey!)

Do you think these people will change?

I tell them, I don't know!
But I tell you one thing,
I will preach the Bits O Wisdom!
That's what I can do!
If they change or if they do not change,
That, I have no control over it!
I am just a Bicycle Ryder, passing through this Prairie full of Cattle Shiite, lost cattle, prairie dogs and shepherds!

In this scenario,
Cattle Shiite: Amebus Mensch
Cattle: Unter Mensch
Prairie Dogs: Mensch
Shepherds: Uber Mensch
The Bicycle Ryder: Ahreeman (Beyond this world!)

I sing my tune,
I do my part,
The Future will tell!

Consider me a collector!

I am a collector who collects the Elite Brains of the Iranian community and friends of Iran, in a place called IPC.

If I cannot presently force a regime change, then @ least, I am managing to gather The Supreme Minds of our society under one roof, so I do not have to suffer consorting with Morons, Baboons and Insectoids!

I am The Collector

I, The Collector!


My words, pisses many people off!
Hell, I would not want it any other way!
@ least I make people think!
Ain't that a progress amongst the Iranian Community?!
Yeeeeeeeeeeeees Comrades,

I am The Collector!

I, The Collector!



Someone from the Outside looking Inside!

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i never thought about ebadi this why,meybe you right.
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dear Amir

you got to look from different perspective

[External Link Removed for Guests]

for example have you ever wondered why

refsanjani and rajavi and hoveyda and timsar fardoost are moghol looking?
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yes , i get the point.
by the why my name is ARMIN ,not AMIR
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Re: Do you know that ...

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Re: Do you know that ...

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Re: Do you know that ...

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Re: Do you know that ...

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German UFOs

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Re: Do you know that ...

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Re: Do you know that ...

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Re: Do you know that ...

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